Bohemian Decor :: The “It” Decor For Eclectic Decorating Fusions – Te Esse by Velvet by Bohemia Design (via). Moroccan wool storage pots.

A true bohemian decorating style is really casual, playful and I think it’s safe to say eccentric. It is really heavy on patterns and textures. It embraces earthly colors and blends them all in an artistic kind of way with unique and unusual furniture. Its charm lies heavily on the worldliness of its decor: Aztec patterns, Rwenzori baskets and Moroccan lanterns, ottomans, poufs and rugs for instance. However, Moroccan style is not the same Bohemian style, despite the fact that they overlap each other. They share the same love for pattern mixing and bright, earthly color blending. But, Moroccan has a distinct Moorish influence that Bohemian style does not.

Now even if you’re unsure how to introduce bohemian decor in your home, then I guarantee you that the following few ideas (other than Moroccan lanterns) are totally failproof and the best starting point: baskets for your plants, a macramé besides an art gallery wall will surely add that desired boho flair, and a Moroccan ivory and charcoal rug (best suited in a bedroom in my opinion) as an easy way to start layering in pattern and texture.

Their organic vibe and neutral palette are totally compatible with any style. From then onwards, you could built on it with more patterned textiles, wallpapers and colors. It’s all up to you now…

That’s the beauty of boho decor. It can easily be mixed and fused in almost any style, because of its earthy, worldly, and “artistic” values. Therefore, I urge you to go for a mix of those two styles. You’ll end up with a boho chic style with a beach vibe to it! Let me know how it goes. xx


Adrien Nash

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