For these 10 men and women, style transcends fashion. Personal aesthetic is identity. They’re artists, they’re musicians, they run their own businesses—they are, quite literally, leading a side of the city that embodies culture and collective appreciation for beauty. D Magazine enlisted a partner in Forty Five Ten to help identify the most stylish people in Dallas. The downtown department store allowed each to select a white shirt, which they styled themselves for their photo shoots. Get to know them. Once you see them, you won’t forget them.

Cristina Lynch’s earliest memories are of her Mexican heritage: dressing up as mariachis with her brothers, road tripping through the country with her family, being introduced to the colorful 200-year-old style of traditional embroidery that would later inspire her brand. Mi Golondrina is nestled on Mockingbird Lane—the perfect location for a clothing line whose name loosely translates from Spanish to ‘songbird.’ It’s also ideal for Lynch, who has filled the showroom-workshop-studio space with a team of seamstresses and quality control experts she calls las perfeccionistas. Then there’s the group of artisan women who work from Oaxaca and smaller villages, whom Lynch visits in person and keeps up with via text for status updates. “It’s so special to work with a group of women … there’s kind of this understanding that we all want to grow this,” she says.

Like the designs she shepherds from first stitch to showroom, Lynch is both colorful and traditional. That style sense largely came from her mother, whom she says fostered the attitude of authenticity and reverence found at Mi Golondrina, raising her with a loving balance of hand-me-down clothes from her brothers and “dressing me up like a Mexican doll.”

“My mom loves clothes, I think, more than most people. And not in a designer label way, but like, with mixing things. … I love that she has a lot of fun with it.”


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